In rural France, a young farmer’s heart is broken. Her name is Victoire. Struggling to understand the new world of dating via technology, she’s not sure her tomatoes are ripe for anyone.
Synopsis written by Catherine Gagne.


  • runtime:


  • directed by:

    Alexandra Hsu

  • written by:

    Alexandra Hsu, Chris Vennemeyer

  • directed by:

    Alexandra Hsu

  • produced by:

    Alexandra Hsu, MuFei Xu

  • cinematography by:

    Enrique Unzueta-Miranda

  • edited by:

    Marc Wiltshire, Imran J Khan, Zekun Mao

  • production design by:

    Yun Liang

  • starring:

    Marion Servole, Romane Arki, William Prunck, Roger Batalla

  • production companies:

    Alexandra House Productions LLC

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